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App YoCuba

App YoCuba

The App YoCuba is a system of accommodation bookings in Cuba. The App allows you to search available apartments by filtering by date and features.

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Professional SMTP Server
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App YoCuba

SMTP Studio

Professional and unlimited email service for sending newsletters.

Thanks to our server you will avoid all those limitations that other mail providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc., Such as: sending limit daily; long lead times for shipping; spam filters; no security of message delivery; etc.

The constant maintenance of our servers and cleanliness of our IP addresses from the black list, make this excellent service.

Is a universal service which can be used with any mail program, such as Microsoft Outlook; Windows Mail; Mozilla Thunderbird; Mailing List Studio; Eudora; kmail; Mac Mail; Opera Mail; etc. It is compatible with any operating system and can be used with any connection and with any ISP.

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software for mailing list

software for mailing list

The new version of software for mailing list 4 is available as a freeware version and a Professional version, with no fees or monthly subscriptions, with a one-time payment and unlimited perpetual license.


Both versions of software for mailing list have the same capabilities, but being able to use the Single license only by a single user can not condivirere the database with other workstations. While the Multi license has a total sharing in order to use the database as a group of software for mailing list .


software for mailing list


software for mailing list

Now you can also manage software for mailing list and send SMS campaigns. You can program a delayed sending at a specified time and date, and even send personalized SMS for each recipient.


With software for mailing list you can manage automatically subscriptions and cancellations without having to continually remove or add recipients manually. Setting a mailbox software for mailing list will check for new registration message (SUBSCRIBE object) and delete (REMOVE object). With this system you always have a software for mailing list automatically updated.



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